EHPPS Online Fun Showing Show April 2020

Hello and welcome to the EHPPS fun online showing show 



Big thank you to Zoe Cain-Tyler for offering to do the unenviable task of judging



Show Results


Class 1. PRETTIEST MARE (kindly sponsored by Auto Jet Ltd: commercial pre MOT steam cleaning and valeting

  •  From the funkiest filly to the moodiest mare – all those special equine ladies in your life belong in this class

    1st – Georgia Ranson (Sootie)

    2nd – Hannah Griggs

    3rd – Hayley Isherwood

    4th – Ruby Onslow (Nazeli)

    5th – Tammy Thorn (Hippo)

    6th – Christine Talbot (Colormore Inspiration AKA Duffy)



























Class 2. HANDSOMEST GELDING (kindly sponsored by J and A Tools Ltd, specialist hand tools and garage equipment supplies)

  •   Tall/short, dark/light, hairy/clipped…share your strapping colts, geldings and stallions with us in this class

1st – Amanda Burling

2nd – Tiffany Hartigan (Biscuit)

3rd – Suzanne Thomas (Red)

4th – Rebecca Woods (Brantfell Dice AKA Gambit)

5th – Lynn Hunt (Teddy Bear)

6th – Jodie Rouse
























Class 3. DIRTIEST HORSE/PONY (kindly sponsored by Chris Hammond)

  •   Do you ever wonder whether your noble steed has hippopotamus ancestry? Then this is the class for you

1st Anna Coates (Frosty)

2nd – Karen Bliss (Silver)

3rd – Kelly Latham-Pearmain (Shakira)

4th – Georgia Ranson (Sootie)

5th – China Morgan

6th – Lexie Colver



















Class 4. HAIRIEST HORSE/PONY (kindly sponsored by Bridget Colston Complete Horsemanship)

  •   Is it a mammoth? Is it a yak? Perhaps your horse/pony looks like a strategically placed throw rug?  Whatever the description share your hairy beasties with us in this class

1st – Marina Harvey (Ella)

2nd – David Tomlinson (Bobby)

3rd – Laura Barlow (Brandon)

4th – Anna Coates (Hamish)

5th – Alicia Bowers (Raison)

6th – Hayley Isherwood
























Class 5. MOST MARVELLOUS MOUSTACHE (kindly sponsored by Jennifer Stone, remembering Kayleigh forever)

  •   A hairy upper lip that would make Tom Selleck green with envy

1st – Emma Hunt (Freddy Bear)

2nd Simone Crowhurst

3rd – Hannah Mancktelow (Bob the Cob)

4th – Debra Duncan (Chimmy)

5th – Kimberly Ballard

6th – David Tomlinson


















Class 6. BIGGEST “WHOOPS” MOMENT (kindly sponsored by Heaven and Richie)

  •   We’ve all been there – things go smoothly 99% of the time but then it’s always the 1% that people seem to be   brandishing a camera….

1st – Ellie Davis (Apollo)

2nd – Hannah Mancktelow (Stilo)

3rd – Hollie Amato

4th – Vanya Roach (Vianna Whittle and Dreamcatcher)

5th – Rebecca Woods (Brantfell Dice AKA Gambit)

6th – Holly Smith
























Class 7. FUNNIEST PHOTO (kindly sponsored by J and A Tools Ltd, specialist hand tools and garage equipment supplies)

  •   And what is it you find so amusing?? Perhaps you’d like to share it with the class?

1st – Lauren Desborough (Bobby and Frosty)

2nd – Sue Allery (Rory and Rocky)

3rd – Nicki Yaxley (Pudsey)

4th – Fran Coan

5th – Christine Talbot (Colormore Amadour AKA Karlo)

6th – Lisa Neziraj (Maverick)





























Class 8. PERFECT PLAITS (kindly sponsored by Eoghan Kendall – Hammond)

  •   Are you tired of spending hours plaiting your horse just for your efforts to remain unnoticed?… Never fear, your class is here!

1st – Andrea Metcalfe

2nd – Benedicta Worsfold

3rd – Andrea Metcalfe

4th – Diana Barnes

5th – Anna Coates (Frosty)

6th – Ruby Onslow (Nazeli)





















Class 9. SUPER SELFIE (kindly sponsored by Little Riders Pony Cycle Hire Essex – [email protected],com 07785100170)

  •   We can’t believe there is anyone out there who couldn’t enter this class – who can honestly say they have never taken a selfie of themselves with their equine best friend?  If you haven’t, now’s the time!

1st – Diana Barnes

2nd – Helena England

3rd – Fran Coan (Mitch)

4th – Lynn Hunt (Tsotsi)

5th – Reagan Ely {Hardie)

6th – Tammy Thorn (Hippo)



























Class 10. BEST COMPARISON (PHOTO COLLAGES ONLY) (kindly sponsored by Lin Farnell in memory of EHPPS Ruby)

  •   Do you have any before or after pictures?  Perhaps a drastic colour change after clipping, or a rescue who blossomed in your care.  Perhaps you have a winter/summer comparison to share?

1st – Glynis Cox (Mia)

2nd – Chris Lazell (Thomas)

3rd – Salome Law

4th – Marina Harvey (Noel)

5th – Suzanne Thomas (Red)

6th – Reagan Ely (Hardie)































Class 11. BEST FRIENDS (kindly sponsored by Jennifer Stone, remembering Kayleigh forever)

  •   Does your horse have a best friend?  It could be another horse, a cat, a human, a chicken or even a cuddly toy.  Share your picture in this class

1st – Linda Croton (Jess and Bella)

2nd – Alexandra Bowler

3rd – Alicia Bratby (Agnes and Ruby)

4th – Alicia Bowers (with Raison)

5th – David Tomlinson (Donald and Shay)

6th – Chris Lazell (Harvey and Thomas)



























Class 12. FANCY DRESS (kindly sponsored by Push and Stick Gang)

  •   What show is complete without a fancy dress class? Share your best fancy dress pictures in this class

1st – Lisa Neziraj (Maverick)

2nd Harriet Raymond (Emma)

3rd – Lauren Desborough

4th – Katie Furlong (Sugar)

5th – Lin Farnell (Goldie and Ellie)

6th – Lisa Pitcher