Hello and welcome to the EHPPS fun Online Pet Show

Do you have a pet the world needs to see??  Then this online pet show is for you!!

Simply choose a class or two (or three…or twelve) to enter, email your photos and relevant details (see below for details required) and make payment via PayPal (if you do not have Paypal and wish to pay via alternative means please mention this in your email).

All information regarding rules and regulations are listed below.

  • Entries cost £2 per photo, per class entered.
  • Payments made via Paypal to [email protected] – please mark your payment as MAY ONLINE ENTRY
  • Rosettes are awarded from 1st-6th place in each class.
  • Entries need to be sent to [email protected] along with details of classes entered, your full name and address and your PayPal address (so that we can confirm payment)
  • Enter as many photos in each class as you like.
  • Enter as many classes as you like
  • Closing date for this online showing show is Sunday 31st May 2020 – all photos and payments to be received by midnight on the 31st May 2020, any received after this will not be included in the judging.
  • Judging takes place after the closing date. Results will be published in the Facebook event and on our website.  Winners will be notified within 5 days.  Judges decision is final.
  • You MUST HAVE PERMISSION to use the photo from whoever took it – NO WATERMARKED PHOTOS
  • A confirmation email will be sent on receipt of payment and photos
  • All money raised will go towards the direct upkeep of the sanctuary’s horses and ponies

    The winner of each class gets one of our new logo cotton tote bags

Rosettes from 1st – 6th place Paid for by our sponsors and created by the wonderful team at Ryders Rosettes

 Big thank you to Melody Fisher Photography for offering to do the unenviable task of judging


Show Schedule

Class 1. GORGEOUS GIRLIES (kindly sponsored by Push and Stick Gang)

  •  From the most fun=loving frog to the prettiest pooch – all those special animal ladies in your life belong in this class

Class 2. BEAUTIFUL BOYOS (kindly sponsored by J and A Tools Ltd, specialist hand tools and garage equipment supplies)

  •   Tall/short, dark/light, hairy/bald, feathered/scaley…share your strapping males with us in this class

Class 3. DIRTIEST DEMONS (kindly sponsored by Chris Hammond)

  •   Do you ever wonder whether your beloved pet has hippopotamus ancestry? Perhaps their favourite odour is ‘eau de fox poop’? Then this is the class for you

Class 4. HAIRIEST HOODLUMS (kindly sponsored by Lin Farnell remembering Felix Forever)

  •   Is it a mammoth? Is it a yak? Perhaps your beloved pet looks like a strategically placed throw rug?  Whatever the description share your hairy beasties with us in this class

Class 5. FUNNIEST PHOTO (kindly sponsored by Eoghan Kendall – Hammond)

  •   And what is it you find so amusing??  Perhaps you’d like to share it with the class?

Class 6. CUTEST PHOTO (kindly sponsored by Mama Mia EHPPS)

  •   All together now…AWWWW

Class 7. BIGGEST OOPSIE (kindly sponsored by J and A Tools Ltd, specialist hand tools and garage equipment supplies)

  •   We’ve all been there – things go smoothly 99% of the time but then it’s always the 1% that people seem to be   brandishing a camera….

Class 8. EXCELLENT EXOTICS (kindly sponsored by Jennifer Stone, remembering Kayleigh forever)

  •   Is your pet a little bit different from the rest?  Whatever they are they deserve to be entered and a chance at winning the class.

Class 9. SUPER SELFIE (kindly sponsored by Jennifer Stone, remembering Kayleigh forever)

  •   We can’t believe there is anyone out there who couldn’t enter this class – who can honestly say they have never taken a selfie of themselves with their best animal friend?  If you haven’t, now’s the time!

Class 10. BEST COMPARISON (PHOTO COLLAGES ONLY) (kindly sponsored by Jennifer Stone, remembering Sheba, Zoe and Mitch)

  •   Do you have any before or after pictures?  Perhaps a drastic colour change after clipping, or a rescue who blossomed in your care.  Perhaps you have a baby/adult comparison to share?

Class 11. BEST FRIENDS (kindly sponsored by Auto Jet Ltd: commercial pre MOT steam cleaning and valeting      www.autojetsteamcleaning.co.uk)

  •   Does your pet have a best friend?  It could be another pet, a human, an object or even a cuddly toy.  Share your picture in this class

Class 12. FANCY DRESS (kindly sponsored by Auto Jet Ltd: commercial pre MOT steam cleaning and valeting      www.autojetsteamcleaning.co.uk)

  •   What show is complete without a fancy dress class? Share your best fancy dress pictures in this class