Name: Doris
Gender: Mare
Date of Birth: 1998
Height: 14.3hh
Colour: Dark Bay
Breed: Cob
Fostering donation required: £100 + £20 annual membership

COMPANION – possible use as a very light hack

ABOUT: Doris is such a sweet old soul, she isn’t in any rush to get anywhere and has the droopiest lower lip when she’s resting.  Doris is so laid back she’s horizontal and not fazed by anything.  This lovely old girl is gentle with other horses and finds herself at the bottom of most pecking orders.  She loves fuss and most of all loves food,  She is technically rideable…if you’re happy just to sit there and not go anywhere – she is stubborn and not particularly interested in moving if there’s no incentive for her, even a carrot on a stick only proved successful for a few steps.

HISTORY: Doris came to the sanctuary with three others, Daisy, Star and Elsa on 31st May 2017 when they were relinquished into our care by the owner under the instructions of the RSPCA.  All were in need of care and attention, a few had liver damage, overgrown feet and were worryingly underweight.  Doris herself was so underweightand had been so for a few months, her ribs and back bone were protruding.  All she needed was some hay and feed and she was back up to a decent weight in no time.

Do you have the time for a dear sweet and patient older lady like Doris in your life? Please complete a foster application form and send it in to us. Foster applications can be downloaded from the following link: