Name: Gino
Gender: Gelding
Date of Birth: 18 April 2018
Height: 9hh
Colour: Skewbald
Breed: Miniature Shetland
Fostering donation required: £80 + £20 annual membership


ABOUT: Gino is a very sensitive soul and requires experienced patient handling, if he is unsure of something his general response is to run or rear.  He does however love food and responds well to clicker training.  He is such a character despite his sensitive nature and spends hours running and playing with his field companions, in between stuffing his face.  He can take a while to settle with another horse and tends to speak with his hind legs – we think this to be a defence mechanism acquired from his many years spent as a stallion at stud, we don’t believe he had been properly socialised prior to his admittance to EHPPS.  If he doesn’t find a foster home before the spring we will be looking into training him to drive, this handsome little pony really has a lot to give to someone who has the time and patience for him.

HISTORY: Gino arrived at the sanctuary along with two other miniature Shetland stallions, Mario and Luigi on &th May 2015.  10 ponies in all were seized by the local council and RSPCA and distributed between local rescue centres that could accomodate them.  All three stallions had received very little handling, Gino and Mario in particular were terrified of people and incredibly reactive, borderline dangerous.  Over time and after they had all been castrated, they gradually accepted handling and went out on foster to the same lady for a couple of years.  Gino and Mario received clicker training for their issues with the farrier and greatly improved under this training method.  Gino was returned from foster as the lady took on a veteran rideable from the sanctuary and no longer had the grazing space to accomodate him and Mario. Luigi remains with her on foster.  Mario went on to find a foster hoime but Gino is still looking for his new family.  Gino is registered with the British Miniature Horse society

Do you have the space, time and dedication to provide Gino with the continued training he requires? Please complete a foster application form and send it in to us. Foster applications can be downloaded from the following link: