Name: Lucy
Gender: Mare
Date of Birth: 1994
Height: 14.2hh
Colour: Piebald
Breed: Cob
Fostering donation required: £100 which includes first years annual membership


ABOUT: Lucy is a very sweet and easy to handle mare.  She gets on well with her other herd members and is generally an angel, she’s happy to gallop around the field with her horsey chums.  She does suffer from sweet itch which seems to have been managed via intake of a daily Marmite sandwich, previously she also responded well to a topical treatment called Aloeride.  She has had feather mites in the past but these usually clear with an injection from the vet.  Lucy is a total sweetheart and good to handle in all ways, she thoroughly enjoys a groom and fuss.

HISTORY:  Lucy came into the sanctuary at just 4 years old with a foal at foot.  Unfortunately her sick and emaciated foal passed away suffering from sleepy foal syndrome.  Lucy herself was emaciated and full of worms.  Once she was in good health she was taught to carry a rider and spent many happy years at Burches riding school in Benfleet.  She developed quite a large fan club in her time there.  Unfortunately Lucy was diagnosed with Tendonitis which subsequently ended her ridden career and a companion foster home was found for her.  She has spent many happy years out on foster but returned due to her most recent fosterers change in circumstances.

Do you have a vacant space in your life that sweet old Lucy could fill? Please complete a foster application form and send it in to us. Foster applications can be downloaded from the following link: