Name: Princess
Gender: Mare
Date of Birth: April 2012
Height: 11.2hh
Colour: Chestnut
Breed: Welsh section A (registered)
Fostering donation required: £220 including first years annual membership


ABOUT: Princess is a very pretty little Welsh pony who would do well in the show ring.  She can be mareish on the ground but is generally a sweet mare to ride, she hasn’t bucked under saddle with a rider here but has been known to have the odd small buck with her previous owner.  She can walk, trot, canter and enjoys popping a small jump.  We feel she is most suited as a second ridden pony but is still capable at being on a lead rein and would be a good first ridden for a confident child.  She can be grumpy with children on the ground but with consistent handling and patient understanding this will improve.  She is registered with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society.

HISTORY: Princess came into us here at the sanctuary because her behaviour was proving too much for her previous owner and she was at risk of being put to sleep.  We feel a combination of environment and lack of experience led to this behaviour and she wasn’t suited to her purpose as a childs pony.  She has been scoped for ulcers and treated for liver issues in the past but is now happy and healthy, maybe a little too healthy judging the size of her tummy.

Do you have a vacant space in your life that Princess could fill? Please complete a foster application form and send it in to us. Foster applications can be downloaded from the following link: