Breed: Shetland Pony
Colour: Skewbald
Gender: Gelding
Height: 8hh
Date of Birth: 8 May 2018
Medical Conditions: Parrot-mouthed
Foster Donation: £100

Story: Rusty was relinquished into the Charity’s care at the end of January 2024 along with another pony called Popcorn. Their owner was no longer able to look after them due to loss of grazing. The pair were both still entire on arrival and underwent castration a couple of weeks later. He has a condition known as ‘parrot mouth’ which is where the top incisors protrude further forward than the lower. This doesn’t seem to affect his ability to eat in any way at present.

Personality: He may be small in stature but this little chap more than makes up for this with his sassy attitude. He loves to strut his stuff and show off at every opportunity. He is very playful with his field companions, enjoying mutual grooms and play fights. An overall happy little Shetland Pony

Experience: He is good to lead, groom, good for his hoof trims and generally a good lad to handle.

Type of home: Rusty is seeking a knowledgeable home that won’t be won over and fooled by his cuteness. He requires boundaries and consistent handling; it doesn’t take long for these ultra cute and ultra intelligent little ponies to take advantage of people’s kindness and maximise opportunities for mischief.

***If you would like to find out more or think you could give cheeky chappie the home he deserves then we ask that you complete a foster application form in the first instance. More information on fostering a pony from us can be found along with a downloadable copy of the foster application at the following link:

Fostering Stages

Once completed either email a copy to [email protected] or post to EHPPS, Pitsea Hall Lane. Basildon, Essex SS16 4UH