Name: Gamble
Gender: Gelding
Date of Birth: August 2015
Height: 13hh
Colour: Skewbald
Breed: Cob x
Fostering donation required: £170 which includes first years annual membership

To commence ridden training 2020

ABOUT: Gamble is strong willed and confident.  He can get a bit attached to other horses and show signs of stress when they are initially removed but is good to catch and lead.   He mingles well within the herd but can be a bit dominant at times.  He currently requires sedation for his back hooves to be trimmed by the farrier and will need further training on learning to pick up his feet nicely, he currently snatches them back and will sometimes attempt to kick out.  Gamble will be ready to commence his ridden training in Spring 2020 and is looking for a patient and experienced foster home to bring out the best in him.

HISTORY: Gamble had been running loose along the A127.  We attempted to catch him but despite our best efforts he escaped and disappeared into some nearby woods.  Through the powers of social media members of the public arranged a day and time to try and catch him and were thankfully successful.  They decided to name him Gamble after he’d been ‘gambling’ with his life on the A127.  He was taken to a nearby stables where we collected him from the following day.  Gamble soon learnt that humans weren’t all bad and learnt to be handled and lead in a very short space of time.

Do you have a vacant space in your life that Gamble could fill? Please complete a foster application form and send it in to us. Foster applications can be downloaded from the following link: