Name: Bam Bam
Gender: Gelding
Date of Birth: 2008
Height: 13.1hh
Colour: Cremello
Breed: Welsh Section C
Fostering donation required: £100 including first years annual membership


ABOUT: Bam Bam loves companionship and being part of a herd.  He’s a good leader and has spent last summer keeping our herd of young boys in check.  He is one of the first ponies over to you in the field and thoroughly enjoys a fuss and a groom.  He would suit somewhere he can live out with a shelter as he can be stressy in the stable, especially if his friends go out before him, but settles down comfortably with an haynet.  Bam Bam can not be ridden due to suffering from a couple of ailments, he has Fibrous Myopathy – a ‘mechanical’ lameness of the hindlimb, a Heart Murmur and has had a bout of laminitis in the past.  He is currently living out in our main herd with no signs of laminitis.  He is quite attached to a mare of the same age and height called Philippa.

HISTORY: Bam Bam came into us here at EHPPS in 2010 along with his friend Betty.  Both horses had been found running alongside the A13 and were thankfully contained by a passing motorist before being collected and brought back to the sanctuary by ourselves.  Both horses remained unclaimed.  Betty eventually went out on foster as a rideable horse once she received her training, Bam Bam spent a few years out on foster as a companion until the fosterers circumstances changed and he was returned.

If you are interested in fostering Bam Bam please download and complete one of our foster applications which can be found by clicking on the following link: